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The Plaza Workspace

Introducing adaptive lobby spaces to work, meet, or socialize in.

The Crowne Plaza proudly presents the Plaza Workspace, an ideal space that caters to your needs for meetings and events and features all the business services you need to stand out in your business realm. You’ll find everything you need to get the job done, whether it’s to brainstorm fresh ideas, host a winning presentation or simply congratulate each other on a job well done.

The new Plaza Workspace is an integrated concept that takes business to the next level with the technology and speed you need to not only keep up but also go above and beyond even when you’re miles away from the office. Free Wi-Fi makes staying connected a snap, plus instant touch service access notifies the expert Plaza Workspace staff when you need assistance.

And hunger has no place here. One-touch access to food means you can click and get whatever the team needs to fuel up. Crowne Plaza means business when it comes to ensuring all your business needs are handled with precision and perfection every time, no matter how big or small.

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About the Space: Fluent in Work & Play

Welcome to the Plaza Workspace featuring adaptive spaces, technology to get the job done, food that fuels and instant service.

Come for a meeting, stay for a celebration of your hard work. The Plaza Workspace is the ideal space for all your business needs. With spaces that can be tailored to your specific needs, you’ll find that getting work done here is much more productive than any other place you’ll come to during your business travels.

Business services by the Plaza Workspace put everything at your fingertips, literally. With the latest technology and features, you have one-touch access to Wi-Fi and everything you need, including the talented team of meeting and event experts on staff who are ready to spring into action when you need them.

You’ll have access to the business tools you need, plus the kind of food you want to eat when you’ve worked up an appetite. Just touch the screen and get everything the team needs. You barely have to lift a finger! Then you can get down to brass taxes and get the job done while the Plaza Workspace staff takes care of the details.

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Studio: Take the “Bored” out of Boardroom

The studio offers guests the flexibility of unique and private collaboration. Designed for maximum creativity and comfort, the room is yours to use how you like.

In other hotels, meeting rooms and boardrooms can feel stuffy, and well, boring. With the Plaza Workspace, you’ll be happy to sit in meetings for brainstorming, seminars, and team-building because the spaces here are anything but boring and ordinary. Instead of drab décor, these spaces are light and airy and are easy to adjust to your company’s needs. They allow for comfortable places to collaborate and dream up big ideas.

Instead of having a team full of employees dreaming to escape, they’ll be inspired to create within these remarkable and fluid spaces. The Plaza Workspace is changing the way you do business when you’re on the go because business has changed over the years. It’s adaptable and it’s either eat or be eaten out there. Get it done in the Plaza Workspace where boredom has no place.

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Technology to get the job done

The tablets in our adaptive spaces allow you to access technology that puts the guests at the center. Use these tablets for ordering food & beverage, one-touch access to staff and to book the studio (our modern meeting room for both work and play).

The Plaza Workspace takes everything from the modern business world and puts it in one space that’s easy to access for you and your team. With comfortable yet functional modern furnishings instead of basic, boring and bland, you’ll feel inspired to work freely. There’s no disconnect here either. Technology is on the up and up and free Wi-Fi plus all the other interactive business tools you need to make a statement and be successful are all right here.

Plus, meet our team of experts that can help you in a flash. One-touch access gets you the assistance you need immediately so there’s no wasted time during your meeting or event. It’s part of the business services offered in the Plaza Workspace to ensure your imminent success.

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Say hello to The Studio:

A modern meeting room for both work and play. Available for booking by the hour.

Reserve the modern and comfortable studio for casual team meetings or briefings. Or talk over the day’s events over dinner. It’s an ideal pod for brainstorming over tasty tidbits prepared expertly by the Crowne Plaza chefs, or for raising your glass to winning another account. Whatever your business, The Studio is the place to make it all happen in real-time. Book it by the hour to accomplish those last-minute bits or prepare for the next leg of your meeting or event.

360° Panoramic View of the Studio